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Welcome to Working Visions


Working Visions is a boutique consultancy focusing on:         

    • Community and Organisational Capacity Building        
    • Community and Stakeholder Engagement
    • Issues Management and Communications
    • Sustainable Community Development including Collective Impact
    • Indigenous Capacity Building        
    • Organisational Development
    • Strategic Agility, Change, Thought Leadership
    • Social Innovation.     

We are passionate about building sustainable futures and in assisting to develop the skills, knowledge and networks of communities and organisations so they can be engaged in, and deliver on, their vision for the future. Our work is underpinned by a sustainable development framework. 

Our clients have included:
    • Departments and agencies from the three tiers of Government
    • Not-for-profit Foundations
    • Aboriginal and Islander Councils                                 
    • Civil, infrastructure and construction companies
    • NGO's - ranging from National to local Mining and Resources sector leaders                
    • Chambers of Commerce and Industry
    • National freight providers
    • Peak State sporting associations
    • Universities
    • Indigenous organisations and agencies
    • Aged care facilities.

Working Visions specialises in: 

    • Community Capacity Building, Planning and Needs Assessments
    • Community and Stakeholder Engagement and Issues Management
    • Communications Strategy, Planning and Training
    • Social Innovation
    • Regional Economic Analysis
    • Sustainable Community Development
    • Feasibility Studies and Impact Assessments
    • Strategic Planning and Policy Research
    • Strategic Innovation, Change, Thought Leadership
    • Organisational Development and Capacity Building
    • Indigenous Capacity Building and Business Mentoring
    • Submission writing
    • Project review and advice.

Sustainable Communities including:

    • Community Capacity Building
    • Social Impact Assessment
    • Social Planning and research
    • Regional Economic Development
    • Community Visioning 

Environment including:        

    • Environmental Impact Assessments
    • Climate transition
    • Environmental Health including post disaster environmental health management               
    • Landfill design, management, resource recovery, hazardous waste management.                            

Organisational capacity building including

    • Innovation for strategic change
    • Organisational development, business re-engineering and business start-up
    • Change management
    • Strategic planning
    • Policies and procedure manuals
    • Diversity including Indigenous Employment Strategies, Women in Leadership and Ageing Workforce strategies.

We also provide Training, Coaching, Mentoring in most of our speciality fields. 

Zing ia  "Knowledge Creation" tool which helps organisations plan and therefore cope with accelerating change and complexity. We are Business Partners, Trainers and Facilitators for Zing technology.